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Chris Gerges, safety consultant and manager of DAK has a degree in Electrical Engineering and an executive MBA. He is a certified TUV FS Engineer with over 16 years of experience in the machine safety industry working with global and national machine users and builders to further assist them in approaching their machine safety needs and functional safety.

Chris has consulted with various industries from energy, aerospace, automated warehousing, automotive, consumer products, food processing, steel processing, pharmaceutical, and others. For both large and smaller machine users and machine builders. He has been retained as a consulting expert in litigation and trial cases, related to functional safety controls and proper machine safeguarding.

Some of the standards committees that he has participated on are:

  • ANSI B11.0 Safety of machinery (Risk Assessment)
  • ANSI B11.19 Performance requirements for risk reduction measures: Safeguarding and other means of reducing risk
  • B11.TR8 Guide to inspection of risk reduction measures
  • ANSI B11.26 Functional safety for equipment: General principles for the design of safety control systems using ISO 13849-1
  • ANSI ASSE 244.1 The control of hazardous energy lockout, tagout and alternative methods
  • ANSI B11.25 safety for large machines
  • SO 13849 Safety Related Parts of the Control System
  • ISO 12895 Whole body access
  • Others

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