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Machine designers, builders and users have responsibilities to comply with the machine safety standards and regulations. Today's automated manufacturing lines include more automated, robotic machines and integrated processes. On one hand automation allows for faster and more efficient manufacturing and production; and on the other hand it comes with its own risks and challenges that should be mitigated. Automated machines require personnel intervention to ensure efficient operation, through various stages of their lifetime. Personnel need to maintain those machines to ensure efficiency, load / unload parts, upkeep them, setup parts / tools and other tasks; to ensure they remain productive through various cycles of it’s lifetime.

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To ensure safer machines on the manufacturing plant floor; OEMs need to design, manufacture and assemble safety compliant machines and etc. to use them per the requirements of the OEM and ensure compliance with the ANSI standards and OSHA regulations. A combination of both safe and reliable machines, along with well trained and qualified personnel operating the equipment, are required to ensure a safer workplace. Safe workplaces lead to reductions in injuries, happier employee culture, reductions in OSHA fines and reductions in workers compensation costs.

OSHA’s safety regulations on the machine safety side have not kept up with the today’s personnel and machine safety needs, from advancement in automation, robotics and safety technology. Some of many organizations that approve and publish the development of standards, that have kept up with today’s machine safety needs and technology, are ANSI, ISO, ASSP, NFPA, CSA UL, RIA, NEC, NOM, NR12, etc

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