Burner Management System Compliance

A Burner Management System is a system to monitor and control the FUEL BURNING EQUIPMENT. It controls light off, monitors operating conditions, and performs a safe shutdown.

Burner Management Systems (BMS) are one of the most wide-spread process safety applications utilized throughout the Chemical, Petrochemical, and Oil & Gas Industries.

Historically there has not been much guidance on the use of automation systems for BMS other than NFPA standards, leaving much to interpretation. This changed with the release of ISA’s Technical report (TR 05) Guidance on the Identification of Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) in Burner Management Systems (BMS). This Guidance is intended to be used by those with an understanding of the basic requirements of ANSI/ISA-84.00.01-2004 and other good engineering practices applicable to BMS.

With the recent release of the NFPA 86 Standard for Ovens and Furnaces 2018 Edition, the acceptance of PLC’s in BMS systems is now well defined.

Burner Management: PLC – based Advantages

  • PLC BMS Provide Tremendous Flexibility
  • Extensive Communications Capability
  • Single and Multi-burner Capability
  • More Information and Diagnostics Capability (if programmed into the PLC)
  • Easier to Troubleshoot
  • Various Flame Scanners May Be Used

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